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Waiting Areas & Smoking Shelters

A large shelter store smoking shelter at a factory

Well-designed waiting and smoking areas, equipped with shelters and canopies, are essential for any public or commercial space. These areas provide a designated space for individuals to wait or smoke, away from main entrances and walkways. This not only helps in maintaining a clean and smoke-free environment in other areas but also ensures comfort and protection from the elements for those using these spaces.

In today’s customer-focused environment, patrons expect comfort and protection from the elements in outdoor spaces, especially in areas designated for waiting or smoking. It's crucial for venues to provide shelters and canopies to shield their customers from rain, wind, and excessive sun. These amenities not only enhance the overall customer experience but also demonstrate the venue's commitment to ensuring comfort in all weather conditions.

Smoking / Waiting Shelters

Image of a Shelter Store Carrington Smoking Shelter with Sheffield Bike Stands

Our range of smoking and waiting shelters at is designed to cater to the needs of various public and commercial spaces. These shelters provide a comfortable and protected area for patrons and employees who need to wait or use smoking facilities outdoors. Crafted with durability and aesthetics in mind, our shelters ensure users are shielded from the elements, enhancing the usability of outdoor spaces.

View Smoking / Waiting Shelters

Smoking / Waiting Shelters

Benches & Seating

Image of Shelter Store Two Person Seating Benches installed under a shelter

Our range of benches and seating for waiting areas is tailored to provide comfort and a welcoming atmosphere in various settings. These seating options are robust and designed to endure different weather conditions, ensuring long-term use. Ideal for places like outdoor waiting zones or designated smoking areas, they offer a practical solution for businesses to enhance the waiting experience for their patrons.

View Benches & Seating

Benches & Seating

Waste Collection

Image a Shelter Store Pately Bin

Our selection of regular and cigarette bins for waiting and smoking areas is designed to maintain cleanliness and order in these spaces. These bins are essential in managing litter and cigarette waste effectively, ensuring that the areas remain tidy and hygienic. Suitable for both public and private settings, they are durable and easy to use, making them a practical addition to any waiting or smoking zone.

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Waste Collection

Support Customers & Patrons

Investing in outdoor waiting and smoking areas is a strategic move for businesses to support their customers and patrons. By providing these designated areas, businesses not only enhance the overall customer experience but also show care for their patrons' comfort and needs. Well-equipped outdoor spaces with shelters, seating, and bins ensure patrons have a pleasant area to wait or smoke, regardless of the weather. This consideration can significantly boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, as it reflects the business’s commitment to catering to all aspects of their patrons' experience.

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For more information on our solutions for outdoor waiting and smoking areas, or to discuss your specific needs, please contact our team. We are committed to providing bespoke solutions that enhance both the functionality and comfort of your customer spaces. Our experts are available to assist with your planning, ensuring a tailored solution for your business's needs, with no additional charge for this guidance.

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