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Trolley Shelters

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Trolley Shelters

The shape and design of our trolley shelters can be commonly found in supermarkets across the UK, offering vast trolley parking spaces.

Our shopping cart shelters are very practical since they allow you to keep all trolleys in a designated spot, which is safer and tidier. Shopping trolley shelters also urge customers to return their shopping trolleys to the chosen spot if they can easily identify it as a trolley shelter rather than leaving it unattended in a parking space.

Trolley Shelters – Customer Convenience and Optimised Premises

Optimising trolley management is essential in the fast-paced retail and commercial spaces. Our trolley shelters are an ideal solution, offering a blend of form and function that improves both the customer's shopping experience and the staff's ease of trolley storage and management.

There are a few reasons why trolley shelters in supermarkets and large stores are a great idea. They help with cart organisation by providing a designated area for customers to retrieve and return shopping carts. This keeps carts organised and prevents them from cluttering car parks, sidewalks, or entrances, which can improve the overall appearance and functionality of the store's surroundings.

Trolley shelters aid in keeping shopping carts protected from the weather, be it rain or intense sun, which can extend their lifespan and maintain them functioning properly. Shopping trolley shelters also mean that shopping carts, designed with locking mechanisms to secure them during off-hours, have a designated place to stay. They can be further chained and secured there, preventing carts from being stolen or taken to areas where they shouldn't be.

Additionally, they make staff's lives easier. Employees responsible for carts can find and distribute them more quickly when they are stored in designated shelters. This can streamline store operations and reduce time wasting.

Trolley shelters are also a great investment from a customer's point of view. They provide a convenient location for customers to pick up a cart when they arrive at the store and return it after shopping. This can save customers time and effort compared to searching for stray carts around the parking lot. Trolley shelters also make premises safer for pedestrians as well-organised cart storage areas can prevent loose carts from rolling into parked cars, pedestrians, or store entrances, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall safety. Last but not least, shopping trolley shelters contribute to a neat and orderly appearance of the store's exterior. A well-maintained and organised cart storage area enhances the overall image of the supermarket and provides a positive impression to customers.

Our Pitched Trolley Shelter is the high-quality answer to all those needs. It is an efficient trolley storage with an attractive roof design. The 50mm x 50mm profile framework ensures structural stability, while the 3mm polycarbonate roofing and glazing provide both protection and ample natural light. This convenient shelter has dimensions designed to accommodate up to three rows of trolleys. The galvanised and powder-coated steel frame ensures durability and a sleek finish. Choose the over-ground fixing for easy installation, and benefit from our free site survey option to ensure compliance with safety and accessibility regulations.

Alternatively, you can choose our Premium Trolley Shelter. Crafted with a 50mm x 50mm profile framework, this shelter boasts a design commonly seen in supermarkets nationwide. The standard size accommodates trolleys comfortably, while bespoke sizes cater to unique needs. The roofing and glazing, both composed of polycarbonate, offer the perfect blend of protection and clarity. Select from galvanised, powder-coated, or combined galvanised and powder-coated finishes for a personalised touch and durability. Whether you opt for overground or underground fixing, adjustable feet guarantee stability. Our commitment to excellence extends to offering a free site survey led by experienced engineers, ensuring adherence to health, safety, and accessibility regulations.

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