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Bin Stores

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Bin Stores

Every business produces waste as a result of its operations, so it's necessary to have bins, both to manage the waste produced and to comply with the law. However, having your bins out in the open and visible to everyone can be unpleasant. Uncovered waste containers can bring in some issues, such as the risk of unauthorised access or unwanted attraction of pests.

Additionally, it could create the impression of a messy site and be unpleasant for people who walk past. The most common and efficient solution is bin stores. They are easy to install, cost-effective and complete the look of your environment. Our bin stores are built to be durable and are a perfect solution for storing your wheelie and recycling bins. If you are looking for extra security and durability or something that won't spoil that perfect garden view, you've come to the right place.

Our wheelie bin storage units are an effective solution for households, schools, businesses, and anywhere rubbish and recyclables are stored. You can choose from several models, which range from simple and budget-friendly to more premium ones.

Improving Waste Management with Bin Stores and Shelters

Our wide range of bin stores is designed to meet the diverse needs of residential, commercial, and public spaces. Our products are engineered to provide efficient waste management solutions focusing on practical matters like durability and functionality, as well as aesthetics.

At Shelter Store, we know shelters and are experts at providing cover for bikes, cars, trolleys and smoking and sports spaces. We understand the role our shelter products play in the environments they are used in. Bin stores are crucial in maintaining clean and functional areas. Our bin stores are more than just functional storage; they're an investment in streamlined waste management.

Aesthetic Appeal and Durability

Our bin stores are engineered for longevity without sacrificing aesthetics. Take, for example, our Multi Bin Store, a sleek combination of a durable steel frame and warm wood cladding. This secure yet visually pleasing option is ideally suited for offices and residential complexes, but it's equally at home in school environments and other large public buildings. The Multi-Bin Store is a beautiful addition to your waste area, which will keep your bin storage organised and your bins secured with its anti-vandal lockable gates.

An alternative with a slightly more industrial look is our Paladin Bin Store. This bin store is one of our most popular products due to its durable make, simplicity and budget-friendly price. It's a cost-effective and secure solution for anyone looking to tidy up and protect their bins – whether you're managing an office building or a housing development. The Paladin Bin Store is an excellent investment that will serve you a long time with its strong galvanised steel frame, which comes as standard but can also be powder-coated in any RAL colour of your choice. The Paladin Bin Store is also fantastic for security – it has anti-vandal lockable swing gates, no crawl-under perimeter and spikes on top to protect from vandalism.

Another option is our SS Bin Store, another best-seller that gets many points for security and some extra for aesthetic appeal. With our SS Bin Store model, you can choose panel materials – perforated steel, steel mesh or wood panelling. This gives you more freedom to decide how your bin store should look and the opportunity to match it with your surroundings. This product also offers optional galvanised and powder-coated finishes.

Similarly, our Apex Bin Store is functional, well-made and beautiful, with options for panelling made of FSC hardwood panels, steel mesh or perforated steel. All three options are equally secure and visually pleasing.

Choosing the right bin store is an investment in both functionality and aesthetics. We offer a range of premium bin stores and shelters designed to elevate your waste management system. From the sleek Multi Bin Store to the robust SS Bin Store, each model is crafted with durability, security, and visual appeal in mind. Upgrade your waste management system today and experience the difference firsthand.

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