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Access Control

A row of Shelter Store bollards installed to control traffic

We supply a variety of bollards, including telescopic and fixed models, to meet different security and access control needs. Telescopic bollards are versatile, perfect for areas where access needs may vary. They can be easily adjusted as required. Fixed bollards offer a permanent solution for controlling vehicle access while maintaining clear pedestrian paths. Both types are available in various styles to fit the specific functional requirements of different environments.

Bollards are essential for effective access control and site security. They serve as physical barriers, regulating vehicle access while permitting pedestrian movement. This functionality is crucial in areas needing security without restricting foot traffic. Bollards are versatile, used in various settings including public areas, commercial properties, and residential zones, to manage traffic and enhance safety. They offer a practical solution for traffic flow management and are integral in safety strategies for various environments.

Telescopic Bollards

Image Shelter Store Telescopic Bollards installed on a domestic driveway

Our telescopic bollards are designed for adjustable vehicle access control. They can be raised or lowered as needed, offering a practical solution for traffic management. These bollards are suitable for both permanent and temporary access scenarios, providing security while allowing flexibility. They are widely used in various settings for their ability to adapt to changing access requirements.

View Telescopic Bollards

Telescopic Bollards

Stainless Steel Bollards

Image of Shelter Store Stainless Steel Bollards installed outside a shop

Our stainless steel bollards are an ideal choice for durable and long-lasting access control. Made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, they are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions without deteriorating. This makes them particularly suitable for areas exposed to weather elements or heavy traffic. Their robust construction ensures they remain effective and maintain their appearance over time, providing a reliable solution for managing vehicle access and enhancing perimeter security.

View Stainless Steel Bollards

Stainless Steel Bollards

Traffic Control

Bollards are highly effective for traffic control, offering a straightforward solution to manage vehicle movement and enhance safety. They create clear physical barriers, directing traffic flow and preventing unauthorized vehicle access to specific areas. This is especially important in pedestrian zones, near buildings, or at traffic intersections. Bollards provide a visible and physical cue for drivers, promoting safer environments. Their use is a key strategy in urban planning to ensure the orderly movement of vehicles and the protection of pedestrians and property.

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