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Bus Shelters

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Bus Shelters

Unarguably, bus stops are essential to any community's connectedness to the wider area. The importance of bus stops makes them one of the most regularly visited places in a neighbourhood, and bus shelters are a vital element of the bigger picture.

Bus shelters provide people with a protected area sheltering them from harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow or sharp sun rays. Bus riders often risk getting caught in the rain or dealing with blistering wind and freezing cold. A well-designed bus shelter makes a huge difference when waiting for the bus.

We are an acclaimed provider, manufacturer and service business for bus shelters and street furniture. Our experience has taught us that our clients, local councils or businesses usually have a specific vision. Our bus shelters can be designed to reflect exactly that, whether it is the feel of the neighbourhood, the surrounding buildings or simply with space for an informational board and logos; our wide range of bus shelters can blend well with your environment whilst still being functional.

Bus Shelters and What to Consider Before Purchasing

Bus shelters are an essential part of the infrastructure of any settlement – from rural councils to large metropolitan cities. Bus stops without shelters are quite unwelcoming places. The prospect of getting wet in the pouring rain or standing for a long time under the intense summer sun isn't something people look forward to on their daily commute. Bus shelters provide people with protection from the weather and harmful UV rays and offer a respite from the walk to the bus stop.

There are several factors which a buyer needs to consider before investing in a bus shelter. We always advise our clients to start by thinking about the location of the bus stop and how busy the area is. These two factors will determine what size of bus top you require and what features are a good idea to add on.

For example, you may want to install a bus shelter in a rural area where buses are infrequent. In this case, consider an option that offers seating and extra protection from the weather with front, side and back panels like our Emerald Enclosed Bus Shelter. Meanwhile, if you're considering your options for a large busy city spot where numerous commuters get the bus from, you could look at our BDS Bus Shelter. This bus shelter can seat up to 8 persons whilst also providing excellent protection from the elements with its polycarbonate roof and optional end panels.

Once you have determined how large your bus shelter needs to be, you can think about how you would like it to look. We understand our clients usually have an idea of how they see the bus shelter fitting into the environment. This is why we offer our products with various options for colour and finishes. We also make sure that our shelters can be installed on concrete, tarmac, paving slabs or block surfaces so that our products fit right into where you need them to.

Once you have settled on the look, it is usually time to focus on our great range of add-ons. The different bus shelters come with different options. An excellent example of our range is the Ruby Bus Shelter, which has an optional timetable case, an advertising case, an add-on bin that can be mounted to the frame, and several types of seating to choose from. Additionally, some of our bus shelters, like the BDS Bus Shelter, come with options for LED lighting which is an excellent addition to bus stops in areas that are not well-lit at night.

Our smoking shelters are manufactured entirely in the UK and provide extra durability and security. We use quality materials that are made to last a long time. We know bus shelters are often targets for vandalism, so our bus shelters are designed with robust vandal-proof materials and features to minimise damages. We can cater to various client needs, and we know our products well.

If you want to talk about bus shelter options, don't hesitate to get in touch with us . We are always happy to advise our clients on what the most optimal solution for them is.

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