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Car Parking

A shelter store shelter for motorbikes

There are ways any premises can improve their car park for enhanced functionality, safety, and aesthetics. A well-designed car park is not only a convenience but a reflection of your commitment to customer satisfaction and employee well-being. Car park improvement can include providing shelters for vehicles and people or implementing effective traffic control measures, for best results you should be doing both. Whether you're aiming to optimise space, enhance security, or elevate the overall experience for users, our solutions cater to a wide range of needs and priorities.

Motorbike Shelters

Image of a Shelter Store Halton Anti Vandal Bus Shelter

Upgrade your parking facilities and provide protection for vehicles of all shapes and sizes with our range of vehicle shelters. Whether it's motorbikes, cars, or bicycles, our shelters offer a durable and weather-resistant solution to keep your employee or visitors’ property protected from the elements and securely parked. With customisable options to suit your specific needs, our shelters can enhance the functionality of your parking area, make them more convenient for employees and visitors, and further make your whole space look orderly and like you mean business. Say goodbye to crowded and exposed parking spaces – invest in our vehicle shelters and elevate the parking experience for your customers and employees.

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Motorbike Shelters

Staff & Customer Shelters

Image of Shelter Store Two Person Seating Benches installed under a shelter

Maximise the potential of your parking areas by incorporating shelters for various purposes. These can include smoking, waiting, or trolley storage. Our versatile shelters enhance the comfort and convenience of staff and customers and transform outdoor spaces into functional and inviting areas. Providing a designated smoking area is a way to show your employees you care about their needs. It gives smokers a designated comfortable place to smoke and helps non-smokers stay away from smoke. Installing a waiting shelter can make your outdoors space more usable and convenient for clients or staff.

A secure spot for trolley storage is another need we can meet – keep your trolleys tidied away, under a safe roof. Your staff will have an easier time keeping up with cleaning and maintenance duties and your shopping carts will last longer when not being exposed to constant rain and harsh sun. Regardless which shelter range you go for, our shelters are designed to meet the diverse needs of modern parking facilities. Elevate the overall experience of your parking area and create a welcoming environment for all with our range of shelters.

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Staff & Customer Shelters

Traffic Control

Image of Shelter Store Parking Posts

Optimise traffic flow, enhance safety, and protect property with our comprehensive traffic control solutions. You can tame car park chaos with bollards and speed bumps to column protectors. Our range of products is designed to improve car positioning, pedestrian and building safety, and overall traffic management within your parking area. By strategically placing traffic control devices, you can effectively manage vehicle movement, reduce the risk of accidents, and ensure a smooth and orderly flow of traffic. Invest in our traffic control solutions to enhance the safety and efficiency of your parking facilities.

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Traffic Control


At the heart of our car park solutions lie high-quality materials such as steel, galvanised steel, and polycarbonate, known for their durability, strength, and weather resistance. Steel structures provide robust support and long-lasting performance, ensuring the reliability of our shelters and traffic control devices. Galvanised steel offers superior corrosion resistance, making it ideal for outdoor applications where exposure to the elements is unavoidable.

Additionally, polycarbonate panels offer excellent impact resistance and UV protection, ensuring the longevity and functionality of our shelters. With our commitment to using premium materials, you can trust that our car park solutions are built to withstand the test of time and deliver exceptional performance in any environment.

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For more information on our car park enhancing products, or to discuss your specific needs, please contact our team. We are committed to providing the best solutions that enhance both the functionality and comfort of our customers' spaces. Our experts are available to assist with your planning, ensuring a tailored solution for your needs at no additional charge.

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