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Sports Shelters

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Sports Shelters

Sports shelters are a must-have for any sports team and sports facility. Offering your players or clients a place to shelter during games is essential.

Our products are practical and economical. We have a good range of affordable, well-made and good-looking sports shelters you can choose from. We make our sports shelters from high-quality, durable materials that provide cover and comfort. They help shelter people from harmful UV rays and provide protection from bad weather like wind and rain.

We know that our clients want function and form, which is why all our sports shelter products come with several finishes, colours and add-on options to choose from.

Sports Shelters Options

We have extensive experience in providing various shelter and storage solutions. We take our work seriously as we know our products often become an integral part of a community or a place. Bus stops are often one of the most frequented places in a neighbourhood, and sports shelters become the team's hub at every game. We design our products with user experience in mind, and we make every shelter from high-quality materials which we know last and genuinely protect our clients from the weather, harmful sun rays and the wind.

Sports shelters allow players, coaches and staff always to have that weather protection. This makes the whole outdoor sports experience a lot more pleasant, especially for the people not warming themselves up by running like the coach or the team players not currently in the game. Additionally, sports shelters provide a place for everyone to leave small items such as a water bottle, towel or sports bag. Sports shelters also allow players to protect any equipment not currently in use.

Our sports shelters come in different sizes and with various features. One of our clients' favourite things is that some of our sports shelters come as flat packs with easy-to-follow instructions for assembly. This means you don't need to incur extra costs once you buy our sport shelter. An example of our self-assembly products is Steel Sports Dugout. Another excellent flat-packed option is the Sports Shelter, which you can just assemble at your desired location. As an optional extra, you can also ask us about fixing the shelter into position – simply select "installation required" from the options menu.

Our products come with several extras which can further make your sports shelter of choice a comfortable and useful space. We offer seating, which can be moulded plastic seats or metal or wooden benches. Some sports shelters, like the Steel Sports Dugout, come with double-tier wooden seating benches which can accommodate an entire team. Meanwhile, you can also look at our BDS Sports Shelter, our most versatile shelter. It comes with colour and finish choices, lighting, seating and additional side panels add-on options to suit your needs better. We also have the Durham Sports Shelter, which has the additional option of bench seating or bench and shelves combination to make even better use of the sheltered space so your players can leave their belongings under the cover, away from the rain. Some of our sports shelters, like our Durham Sports Shelter, with useful optional features like wheels for portability.

Whatever option you choose, rest assured our sports shelters would be an ideal upgrade for your school, team or sports centre. They can be included in the initial planning of the space before construction has begun, but they can also be added to an area at any point afterwards as they are easy to assemble and install.

If you want to talk about sports shelter options, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always happy to advise our clients on what is the best solution for them.

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