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Smoking Shelters

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Smoking Shelters

Whether you are a business or a public building, providing a safe and comfortable environment for your employees, customers, and visitors is often an excellent idea. This usually means installing extra features on your property, like our smoking shelters. A Smoking Shelter can provide protection from adverse weather conditions and harmful UV rays on a hot day. By providing a Smoking Shelter, smokers at work are encouraged to smoke in the designated area only, keeping the rest of the working area 'smoke-free'. Providing a designated smoking shelter helps to keep building entrances clear and tidy.

All of our smoking shelters are built to comply with current smoking legislation. They are ideal for commercial premises such as pubs, nightclubs, restaurants and other public venues, and workplaces with smoking employees.

Our smoking shelters are manufactured entirely in the UK and provide extra durability, security and lightweight materials for an easy-to-install construction. We offer smoking and waiting shelters suitable for varied surfaces. Our smoking shelters can be installed on concrete, tarmac, paving slabs or block surfaces. We also cater to different business needs and offer our shelters in varying sizes, with or without seating options, different finishes and colours, and fixing types.

Why Should You Buy a Smoking Shelter?

Putting up a smoking shelter is a good way to accommodate smokers on your premises. We offer an excellent range of shelters you can choose from depending on the demand you are facing and the space and budget you are working with. Whatever your specific situation, installing a smoking shelter is an excellent investment. There are several benefits of having one installed on your property.

Smoking shelters protect from adverse weather. Nowadays, at the workplace, smoking is always done outside. This means your employees, clients, or visitors would be braving the weather several times a day, no matter how bad it is raining or how windy it is. Keeping your employees dry and allowing them to smoke in a safe area is something that they will appreciate.

There are benefits for your non-smoking employees, too. Providing a designated area for smokers means they will be encouraged to go there and keep the rest of the areas smoke-free. Keeping smoking to a set place will minimise the exposure of your employees and customers to second-hand smoke. Your non-smoking employees will appreciate this

Additionally, smoking shelters can help reduce fire risk by containing smoking in a particular area. All our shelters are made of materials that comply with regulations. Our smoking shelters, like our Bolton smoking shelter, often come with an option for ashtrays which further decreases the fire hazard as people are more likely to throw their still-hot cigarette buds in the trays.

By installing a smoking shelter, you are also helping keep the rest of your premises clean from cigarette litter, as smokers are encouraged to smoke in the designated area only. Providing a designated smoking shelter helps to keep buildings clean and tidy.

Installing a smoking shelter on your property can help you comply with the law and make your employees and clients feel valued. We have options to suit every budget and specs – our clients range from small businesses that cater to their employees' comfort to large NHS hospitals. Our offers include anything from our value options, like our Small Wall Smoking Canopy, which can be self-assembled and mounted on existing walls, to our much larger 20 persons Bolton Smoking Shelter which can include benches and ashtrays.

Whatever your size of space or budget is, get in touch with us to discuss options. We are always happy to advise our clients on what the most optimal solution for them is.

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