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Public Transport

A shelter store bus shelter in use

Our range of public transport products focuses on enhancing the daily commute for passengers. We offer well-designed bus shelters that provide essential protection from weather conditions, ensuring a more comfortable wait for public transport. Alongside this, our seating options are built to offer durability and comfort, improving the overall experience at bus stops. These products play a crucial role in improving the usability and efficiency of public transport facilities, contributing positively to the daily travel experience of commuters.

Our sister business, Bike Dock Solutions, also offers a broad range of bike storage solutions, catering to the needs of active travellers who use bicycles. They provide various facilities to support cyclists, including secure and convenient bike storage options, enhancing the commuting experience for those who opt for eco-friendly and healthy transport methods.

Bus Shelters

Image of a Shelter Store Halton Anti Vandal Bus Shelter

Bus shelters are a fundamental aspect of public transport infrastructure. They serve as a crucial amenity for passengers, providing shelter from harsh weather conditions like rain, wind, and extreme sun. This protection enhances the comfort and safety of those waiting for buses, making public transport a more appealing option. Additionally, bus shelters can offer seating and information displays, further improving the passenger experience. Their presence can also uplift the overall appearance of a bus stop, making it more inviting and accessible for everyday commuters and occasional users alike.

View Bus Shelters

Bus Shelters

Benches & Seating

Image of Shelter Store Two Person Seating Benches installed under a shelter

Our benches and seating for public transport areas are durable, weather-resistant, and designed for long-lasting use in bus stops and transport hubs. They provide essential seating for passengers, improving the practicality and usability of public transport facilities. These seats are a key element in facilitating a functional and efficient transit experience for commuters.

View Benches & Seating

Benches & Seating

End-Of-Trip Facilities

Image of Bike Dock Solutions Two Tier Bike Racks at an End of Trip Location

For public transport settings, our sister brand, Bike Dock Solutions, offers a comprehensive bike storage range from design to installation. We collaborate with transport planners and architects to ensure each bike storage solution meets the unique requirements of these environments. Our focus is on functionality and space efficiency, aiming to enhance the convenience and accessibility of public transport facilities for cyclists. This tailored approach helps create effective and practical bike storage solutions, contributing positively to the public transport experience.

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End-Of-Trip Facilities

Anti-Vandal Designs

Our anti-vandal designs are tailored for public transport providers looking for durable and secure shelter solutions. These shelters, made with robust materials, are resistant to vandalism, reducing the need for frequent repairs and upkeep. This makes them a cost-effective option in the long run. The enhanced durability also ensures a safer and more reliable waiting experience for passengers, contributing to overall satisfaction with public transport services. Such investment in sturdy infrastructure is key for maintaining quality and efficiency in public transport systems.

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For information on our public transport shelter and seating options, or to discuss specific requirements, please contact us. Our team is available to provide guidance on fitting, installing and using our products.

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