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Parking posts, barriers and bollards – the right tools for parking control

Parking posts are versatile and practical tools to help you control the access to a building, street section or your own driveway. They provide a visible and effective means of managing parking spaces. Parking posts are commonly used in commercial buildings, shopping centres, residential areas, public parking facilities, and private homes. With our selection of parking posts, you can easily mark off specific parking spots, restrict access to certain areas, and prevent unauthorised parking.

Our parking posts are constructed from durable and high-quality steel. We have made sure that our parking posts are designed to resist both impact and adverse outdoor weather conditions. Our range has both retractable and removable posts and bollards.

We offer several designs, all with sets of keys for locking down. We have larger posts designed for superior vehicle protection with a reflective finish for extra visibility for any oncoming vehicles. We also offer smaller options like the SS Stealth Parking Post. The SS Stealth Parking Post has the addition of a weather cap for extra resistance to the elements and, most importantly, has a ground box in which it can be laid down flat, packed unobtrusively away and locked safely with a key. These secure parking posts are a great alternative to bollards.

In addition to parking posts, we also offer a range of bollards designed specifically for parking applications. Bollards are sturdy vertical posts that serve multiple purposes, like traffic guidance, security, and protection. They are commonly installed at entryways, sidewalks, building perimeters, and large car parks to prevent unauthorised vehicle access, protect pedestrians, and demarcate parking areas.

Our parking bollards are available in a few styles, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your aesthetic preferences and security requirements. We offer a sleek and modern stainless steel design, like our Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Retractable Telescopic Bollard, which is a great option to prevent unwanted access. It is easy to use as it has an integral locking mechanism and a comfortable handle to hold to raise and lower into position. It is an excellent parking management tool for large car parks and home driveways. We also offer it with a hot-dipped galvanised finish. If you are unsure about the differences between our materials and finishes, you can read this comprehensive guide on metal finishes from our sister site.

If you want to discuss parking control posts and bollards, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always happy to advise our clients on the best solution.

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