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Pram & Buggy Shelters

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Pram & Buggy Shelters

Providing a safe space for parents to leave their buggies is an excellent addition to many public and private business spaces. Catering to the needs of parents is a wonderful way to make them feel included in the community. Installing a pram shelter is an excellent investment that your visitors and clients would genuinely appreciate.

Buggy shelters are a great choice for places like nurseries and schools. However, there are other buildings which could benefit from them. Corporate buildings, parking areas, public buildings, supermarket sites, rail commuter parking and manufacturing sites are also places where a pram shelter would contribute to employee, visitor and client satisfaction.

At Shelter Store, we pride ourselves in providing safe, practical and economical pram shelters to fit any budget and space. Our buggy shelters will ensure that your space will be parent and child-friendly, safe and clear of clutter.

Pram shelters add value to your community

We have worked with various clients on small and large projects. We often get asked to consult, especially on larger developments, which of our products add good value to buildings. The answer varies, of course, depending on the use of the building and who will be working in it and visiting it– smoking shelters, bus shelters, and walkways are all very useful features. Pram parking may not be an immediately obvious need to cater to, but it is nonetheless worth considering.

With programs such as the Safe Route to School initiative, more and more people are encouraged to walk their kids to school. Outdoor pram shelters are becoming increasingly popular as people leave their cars at home and do the morning nursery or school runs on foot. This often means that parents are pushing a pram. However, once at their destination, from a convenient way to move a child, many feel their buggy becomes a cumbersome, heavy piece of equipment they wish they could park somewhere safe.

Schools and nurseries may be obvious places to need pram shelters, but they are far from the only ones. Providing a safe and secure way for parents to park their prams in a shelter is an excellent way to show them you care about their needs and worries. Whether you are a business or a local council, you would leave a good, lasting impression on any parent visiting your premises. People on parental leave keep doing many of the activities they did before having a child. This means busy moms and dads still need to do their shopping, visit their local bank branch, the optician at the mall or the GP practice. All of this whilst pushing a heavy buggy. It is often a great idea to consider installing a safe space for parents to park their prams so they can visit your premises without the hassle of figuring out what to do with the buggy.

Our pram shelters offer parents security, convenience and a piece of mind. We provide several options to suit your space and budget. For example, our best-selling Value Buggy Shelter for prams can store up to 4 buggies. This shelter is fully enclosed on the roof, back and sides and will keep prams dry and protected from any weather. Additionally, all our pram shelters come with an add-on option for additional security, such as gates and locks. Some, like this Buggy Shelter, can also be fitted with lights and seating.

We make all our products from robust, durable, high-quality materials. Out biggy shelters are no exception. We design all our pram shelters to withstand outdoor conditions and be functional and attractive. We provide a range of designs and colours to choose from, so you can find the perfect shelter to match your property's style and enhance its appearance and value to your community.

If you'd like to discuss our pram shelters further, don't hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to advise our clients on the best solution for their budget, space and needs.

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