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Car Shelters

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Car Shelters

Primarily, a car shelter keeps your vehicle safeguarded from various damages. These could include spoilage due to harmful sun rays, rainfall, strong winds, hail, snow, and other harsh weather conditions.

Many insurance providers offer discounts or cheaper rates if you have a place to store your car. Our car shelters help prevent weather damage, theft, and vandalism.

Car Shelters – Choose Protection that Suits Your Needs and Space

Our collection of car shelters tries to couple aesthetics and utility to provide solid and safe protection for your vehicles. Our range of meticulously designed shelters ensures that your cars remain protected. From the versatile KCR Cycle Port to the beautiful KCR Car Shelter, we have a diverse range of car shelters with great form, function, and comfort.

In a world where protecting your valuable investments is paramount, our multi-purpose KCR Cycle Port is the answer, seamlessly blending form and function. This beautiful shelter can be used as a motorcycle shelter with its cushion-lined posts for motorcycle protection, as well as a car shelter if purchased in the correct size. It has an aluminium frame and UV-protected polycarbonate roof, creating a sleek silhouette that complements any environment. With the choice of clear or smoked colour roofing, you can personalise your shelter while benefiting from 250 times the strength of glass. The integrated drainage system ensures rainwater never lingers, while cushion-lined posts provide utmost protection. Designed to endure, the KCR Cycle Port can withstand snow loads of up to 600N/M2 and winds up to 34m/s Vex.

Meanwhile, our Value Car Shelter, a combination of simplicity and cost-effectiveness, is another great option to safeguard your car with style. The 50mm box tube steel frame and heat/UV-protected polycarbonate roof ensure lasting durability. Choose between clear or dimmed roofing, and select the installation type that suits you – overground or underground. Powder coating in a range of colours adds a personal touch, making your shelter a seamless part of your surroundings. Available in single or multiple-car widths, the Value Car Shelter is a popular choice for residential and private parking spaces.

The SS Car Enclosure delivers on all fronts for those who desire comprehensive shielding. This car shelter offers a little extra protection from its sides and roof with its 60mm x 60mm steel framework and heat/UV-protected polycarbonate roof and glazing; it provides unmatched protection against the elements. Whether you opt for clear or dimmed smoked panels, the SS Car Enclosure presents a fusion of elegance and practicality. With varied width options, galvanisation, and powder coating choices, customisation is key. Multiple units can be connected, making this enclosure ideal for domestic and private car parks.

If you are looking for something even more modern looking, you may want to look at our RSC Car Shelters. The combination of an aluminium frame and heat/UV-protected polycarbonate roof results in a shelter that protects from the elements and has a beautiful and unique aesthetic. The flat roof design and cushion-lined posts enhance user-friendliness and protection. The RSC Car Shelters ensures your vehicle remains comfortable, whether it's the scorching heat or frosty winters. Add a side panel to enhance privacy and complete the package. Available in various sizes, this shelter is a harmonious blend of aesthetics and practicality. Additionally, if you are looking for custom measurements, we can do that too.

Our KCR Car Shelter is a similar product that offers a unique curved roof design that not only adds elegance but also simplifies parking. The combination of an aluminium frame and heat/UV-protected polycarbonate roof guarantees superior strength and endurance. As with our other shelters, several customisation options ensure a perfect fit for your needs. Don't let extreme weather conditions hinder you – the KCR Car Shelter's durability, drainage system, and wind protection up to 34m/s Vex make it a dependable choice.

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