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Tree Protection

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Tree Protection

Using tree protection has been found to accelerate the tree's growth significantly. This is why tree protection, like tree grills and guards, is important, especially on busy sidewalks with little space.

You can use tree protection products to enhance the growth of young plants and protect plants from bark-stripping and browsing animals.

We offer a selection of tree grills made from steel electrowelt mesh and iron and tree guards in different sizes.

Preserving Urban Plants with Tree Protection and Guards

Nature is the green heart of our urban landscapes, and we should do our best to offer it all the protection and help we can. Our selection of tree protection and guards helps trees and shrubs grow and thrive.

We understand the balance between safeguarding young trees and enhancing the aesthetics of public spaces. Our range offers solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of architects, developers and town planners. Explore our collection, which includes steel tree guards, versatile steel tree grilles, and timeless cast iron options, each designed to blend function and form harmoniously.

Steel Tree Guards - A Protective Shield for Young Saplings

Our steel tree guards protect young trees, ensuring their healthy growth and development. Our Steel Tree Guard has root-fixing; alternatively, it can be fixed onto a tree grill. It comes in different sizes and offers a sturdy shield against external elements. The Ø 250 models boast three graceful hoops, while the Ø 450 models feature a two-part design, both culminating in flower-shaped tops. You can select from galvanised or galvanised and painted finishes, including a range of RAL colours to integrate with your urban landscape seamlessly.

If you're looking for a good blend of strength and aesthetics, our SS Steel Tree Guard is a great option. This root-fixed guard, suitable for young trees, is powder-coated in a glossy black finish. With additional sizes available upon request, it ensures both protection and visual appeal.

Steel Tree Grilles - Functionality and Modern Design

The Religa series of square-shaped steel tree grilles, constructed with galvanised Electrowelt mesh, presents a modern solution to tree protection. We have a large selection of sizes to accommodate varying needs - from the 490mm Reglia Steel Tree Grille all the way up to the 902mm Reglia Steel Tree Grille, with several different sizes in between. All our Reglia series grilles come with an aperture of 300mm diameter, but other sizes are available upon request. Speak to one of our helpful advisors.

Our square-shaped grilles are a great option, but we know that sometimes clients prefer a different shape. This is why we also offer a Circular Tree Grille made of solid steel and welded after bending. It can be galvanised or galvanised and painted finish in a RAL colour of your choice. The Circular Tree Grille can also be ordered in 2 different sizes and, additionally, can be made in a square shape.

These grilles allow roots to flourish without disrupting pavement, ensuring a smart and functional addition to urban environments.

Classic Cast Iron Tree Grilles - Timeless Elegance and Durability

We also know that sometimes clients need a traditional look that only cast iron can provide. We also love classics and cast iron's timeless charm, so we have a selection of cast iron tree grilles. Our Classic Cast Iron Square Tree Grille, manufactured from ductile cast iron and complies with BS EN 1563 1997, is supplied in a black gloss finish as standard and can be in various sizes. Then we have the 800mm Tree Grille with an aperture of 400mm diameter, made of 35mm ductile iron, painted in black forge colour. It consists of two reversible pieces; one of its sides is made of concrete, and the other is made from iron. The Sol comes with an optional structural frame with anchors between the pieces for a perfect installation. We also have this beautiful model in another size – the 1000mm Tree Grille, also with an aperture of 400mm.

Our 995mm Tree Grille is another cast iron product we offer with an aperture of 300mm diameter and an optional tree protector frame as an add-on.

Crafted from ductile cast iron and complying with industry standards, these grilles add a touch of elegance to any setting. With various size and style options, they effortlessly blend with the natural beauty of trees.

Discover the perfect tree protection and guards to enhance your spaces and protect your greenery. We're committed to providing high-quality solutions that seamlessly integrate into your vision. For bespoke options or inquiries, feel free to contact our expert team.

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