Our own in-house street furniture installation team have over 20 years experience installing Street Furniture and Shelters. All are members of the Construction Skills Competence Scheme (CSCS). Recognised for our reliability, quality and fantastic pricing, we are proud suppliers to councils, developers, and schools across the UK.

From installation of a bus shelter to on-going maintenance or removal of damaged bollards, Shelter Store is perfect for your street furniture project, large or small!

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> Halton Borough Council Project
Halton Bus Shelter

We have worked along Halton to produce 20 of these bespoke anti vandal Bus Shelter, Lower Steel panelling ensuring longer life and strength also no option to be cracked by vandals, upper panels perforated mesh allowing light to come in and out without having to worry about being cracked. View or buy our Halton Bus Shelter.

> North West Regional College
orth West Regional College

Shelter Store was awarded a tender to build & install 8 no. Open Fronted Smoking Shelters across a college campus for the North West Regional College in Northern Ireland.

orth West Regional College
> Shell Petrol Forecourt, Birmingham

Shell required Shelter Store to manufacture and install 15 powder coated yellow anti-ram bollards. By matching Shell's corporate colours at no extra cost, they complemented the rest of the petrol station's colour scheme whilst at the same time upheld the stringent quality checks of any anti-ram installation.

> Newham Hospital, London
Newham Hospital

Newham Hospital enlisted the help of Shelter Store to provide them with a motorbike shelter suited for a car park where motorcycles and scooters needed protection from the elements. Our Prestige Shelter was the perfect addition to the hospital’s frontage and brought much relief to the many users.

 Newham Hospital
> Lidl Store, Wokingham
Lidl Woking Store

Shelter Store was called upon to supply and install 13 high quality stainless steel telescopic bollards for a new build Lidl Store. The new store was still being constructed and Shelter Store helped contribute by having the bollards be put in place before the continuing ground works surrounding the areas were due to be completed.

lidl woking
> GB Office Group, Nottingham
GB Office

Producing high quality shelters and installations is what we pride ourselves on. This is another example of where Shelter Store has successfully manufactured and installed a large Venue Smoking Shelter. The shelter proved very popular with the GB Office Group’s staff, particularly in preparation for the colder months of the year.

GB Office Group
> Quedgeley Parish Council
Quedgeley Parish Council

Quedgeley Parish Council required the removal & replacement of existing damaged bus shelters. We supplied & installed a SS Steel Bus Shelter complete with poster case and time table, resulting in minimal disruption to residents.

Quedgeley Parish Council
> Co-Operative Petrol Forecourt, Crewe

Shelter Store carried out a recent bollards installation for the Co-Operative. The stainless steel semi-domed bollards not only look aesthetically pleasing to the area but they are effective at preventing cars from causing damage to the electricity sub-station.

> Honeyrose, London

These large Strong Steel Bollards with their powder coated hazard bands make clear to any reversing heavy goods vehicle the width of the shutter entrance. Another simple yet effective installation from Shelter Store.

> Precedent Communications, Curtain Road, London
Curtain Road

This simple yet effective installation of a mitre top stainless steel bollard, compliments the approach to the already attractive premises. The building is just off a turning in the main road which is commonly used by motorists to turn around. The bollard now acts as a prevention to any cars turning in this area at night where they previously could not see the stepped entrance.